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Teach clients about effective movement and mind-body connection

Give your clients, from the weakest to the strongest, an experience embodied in movement that encourages flexibility, relaxation, intense training and goal-driven workouts. The adaptability, intensity and mind-body component of Pilates enables exercise professionals to guide clients toward mindful exercise, better health and wellbeing—and ultimately longevity. The Pilates Mat Specialist Program dives into Pilates theory, anatomy in movement, postures, movement principles, client-specific training, modifications, contraindications as well as basic to advanced Pilates repertoire with a comprehensive breakdown of each exercise, teaching techniques and so much more. You will also have access to resources that will guide you in becoming a top Pilates instructor who not only knows the Pilates repertoire, but also understands the biomechanics of the body.

Led by Tanya Thompson, founder of Pilates Unlimited—the Art of Movement, and who has developed and presented one of the leading courses in the Pilates industry as well as specialized movement and rehabilitation courses for health care professionals, you will focus on corrective exercise and movement that will make Pilates your go-to exercise for encouraging better movement, better posture and meaningful cross-training.

Take your movement knowledge to the next level

Pilates is designed for clients seeking exercise that focuses on posture, mind-body training, longevity, joint health, flexibility, toning, cross-training, stress relief and even maintaining overall health during pregnancy. Specializing in Pilates will open new doors for you as you offer clients a restorative approach to their programs with the benefits of exercise variety and corrective exercise at its finest. Since Pilates is an amazing form of cross training, you can integrate the work into all your classes and programs whether or not you use your new qualifications to work in or open your own Pilates studio.

Many health care professionals also prescribe Pilates to their patients as a safe means of getting stronger after various operations or injuries. The Pilates Mat Specialist Program will expand your market greatly, allowing you to reach recovering patients in need of strengthening.

What’s in the curriculum?

The Pilates Mat Specialist Program will cover anatomy, biomechanics, compensations and adaptions of the Pilates repertoire as well as how to create programs and develop your teaching style and skills. Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand the theory behind Pilates and the musculoskeletal system, and how to merge them into the Pilates repertoire
  • Teach Pilates classes that are client specific and goal driven as well as how to modify or assist the exercises according to the client's needs and capabilities
  • Bring a holistic approach to your classes, good work ethic and professional conduct within a studio setting
  • Work in a professional Pilates studio or open your own Pilates studio

How do I become a Pilates Mat Specialist?

To become a Pilates Mat Specialist, you must complete five modules, which consist of videos, two manuals and two online assessments.

Additionally, you must submit:

  • Documentation of 100 apprentice hours covering:
    • 40 hours of observation
    • 30 hours of practice exercise (from home or studio)
    • 30 hours of practical teaching (from home or studio)
  • Two 30-minute videos of you teaching a class and performing the exercises. Feedback will then be provided by course creator, Tanya Thompson. Please allow 4-6 weeks for each submission review.

Upon completion and submission approvals, you will receive your Pilates qualification and be recognized as a Pilates Mat Specialist through Pilates Unlimited—the Art of Movement™.